Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System


  • Diwakar
  • Sahil


Automatic tyre inflation, Vehicle performance, Tire pressure, Pressure switch, Solenoid valve, Vehicle efficiency.


All parts of an automobile are getting automated except one thing i.e. tires. To inflate a tire, the driver has to go gas station or he has to attach a pump manually. This project is aimed at removing such unwanted strain, tire wear reduction, gas mileage, increase in handling, tire performance, save time and save life.  The system has a dedicated unit for filling air whenever required. Automatic tire inflation systems are designed to constantly maintain tire pressure at the proper levels. These are designed more for the slow leaks and for optimizing performance and safety than for keeping a vehicle moving on a tire that will no longer hold air. The main problems in tires are a puncture. A sudden puncture may cause the driver to lose control, culminating in an accident. During puncture, the air pressure reduces suddenly. The reduction in pressure over a time limit is identified as puncture. It warns the driver of puncture. A control unit which is microcontroller is the brain of the system. When the pressure levels are below the threshold value chosen by the driver, the system displays it. The driver then may choose to refill the air automatically. As the tire is filled with optimum air, the friction between the tire and the road is maintained properly. Hence, the tire is not much damaged and the fuel consumption is reduced. Automatic tire inflation system ensures that tires are properly inflated all times. The project is destined to be a life and money saver, and many more advantages.


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