Running Updates Display on E-Notice Board Using GSM


  • Prabha Shree R


GSM, Campus Display System, Mobile Identification Number, e-notice board.


Notice board is an essential asset in any institution or organisation or public utility places like bus stops, shopping malls, railway station or parks to improve the security system as well as to make awareness of the emergency situation and also avoid many dangerous situations. But providing various updates on daily basis is a tedious process. This project deals with an advanced electronic notice board.  An SMS based electronic notice board connected with the widely used GSM which is well integrated with a GSM technology. This will help us in sending any message almost within fraction without any delay just by sending a SMS which is far better and more efficient and reliable than the orthodox way of pasting the message over notice board. The message to be displayed is sent from the user’s mobile phone and the message is displayed on e-notice board. As engineer ‘s main aim is to make life simple with the help of technology this is one step to simplify real time noticing. 


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