The Impact of Citizen Inquiry on The Overall Leadership of DENR RO3


  • Michael Santarina
  • Mohamed A. Shire
  • Janelyn B. Tumiguing
  • Noel T. Florencondia


Impact, Citizen Inquiry, Leadership, DENR.


This study aimed to know the Assessment to the Impact of Citizen’s Inquiry to the Overall Efficacy of DENR RO3. More specifically, the following questions were given: (a) How effective is the 8888 Hotline in addressing the concerns of the community in terms of: Complaints; Reporting; and Immediate Response; and (b) What are the problems encountered by the employees in using the 8888 Hotline? A normative descriptive type of research design was used in this study because this study required more specifications of data to fill up unproven facts. A total of 50 respondents were drawn from the DENR RO3 personnel rosters. This study suggests creating a space where customers can offer comments and criticism. It is advised to keep a suggestion box where customers may place their thoughts and suggestions. Customers can also be given access to an online connection if they want. It is advised that the DENR RO3 hire more staff to assist clients. This staff must also be well-trained and knowledgeable about the details of the services that clients are requesting, or at the very least, be prepared to answer questions. It is advised that modifications to policies be reviewed frequently because doing so will enhance staff-client interactions. It is also advised to undertake a review of the current documentation requirements and, if possible, eliminate or remove those that are superfluous.


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Michael Santarina, Mohamed A. Shire, Janelyn B. Tumiguing, & Noel T. Florencondia. (2023). The Impact of Citizen Inquiry on The Overall Leadership of DENR RO3 . International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(01), 82–90. Retrieved from




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