Interactive Application for Engineering College


  • Vaibhav Bharambe
  • Rupesh Patil
  • Tushar Patil
  • Vijay Patil
  • Rohankumar Patil
  • Rohidas B. Sangore


Attendance, Notice, Application.


Key features of this project is to provide automation to the process of managing student information in a college. In the real world, the information or data in institute is in the form of notice, hand-written manual, verbal message, is being spread among the students. Now a day most of the student and faculty in college are using a mobile phone, personal computer and various latest technology for faster and easier communication among them. Approach of communication is Android. The core idea of this project is to implement android based Mobile college application for development of colleges and education related system. The android application will be used by students and teachers. In the existing system, all the information has to view in a hard file, or in website. At the same time while searching any information it is too difficult to access and takes a lot of time to manage student data in a college. For overcome this problem a smart phone based application using Android phone can be used to make this process easier, secure and less error prone. It reduces time require to manage college student information. The system of tacking the attendance of the student on basis of presence in class”.


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Vaibhav Bharambe, Rupesh Patil, Tushar Patil, Vijay Patil, Rohankumar Patil, & Rohidas B. Sangore. (2020). Interactive Application for Engineering College . International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 1(3), 194–199. Retrieved from




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