Leadership In DPWH-Aurora District Engineering Office: Transactional or Transformational


  • Bihasa, Vivian M.
  • Noveras, Jan-Simon III A.
  • Suril, Rochelle C.
  • Suril, Mark Angelo E.
  • Florencondia, Noel T.
  • Aduna, Jeric R.


DPWH, Transformational, Transactional, Leadership.


This study aimed to know whether the leadership styles in the Department of Public Works and Highways were transactional or transformational.  This study made use of the descriptive survey. The analyses were based on the responses of the employees in the Department of Public Works and Highway-Aurora District Office. Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ-5X) was applied among 112 employees of the DPWH-Aurora District Office. The MLQ-5X includes five transformational scales, three transactional scales, one laissez-faire scale, and three outcome measures in full. Inspirational Motivation is the first scale in the transformational hierarchy. The expression and manifestation of a vision by the leader are essential to this subscale of transformational leadership. As a result, followers are inspired when they have a positive outlook on the future. Idealized Influence (attributed) is the charismatic attribution of a leader. Because of the leaders' admirable qualities (such as their perceived strength and emphasis on higher-order principles and values), followers developed strong emotional bonds with them. The followers' confidence and trust are likely to grow. Idealized influence (behavior) places a strong emphasis on acting in accordance with a group's mission and core principles.


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Bihasa, Vivian M., Noveras, Jan-Simon III A., Suril, Rochelle C., Suril, Mark Angelo E., Florencondia, Noel T., & Aduna, Jeric R. (2023). Leadership In DPWH-Aurora District Engineering Office: Transactional or Transformational. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(01), 59–63. Retrieved from https://journals.grdpublications.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/777