The Evaluation of Health and Safety Programs of Government Projects: A Case Study Of DPWH-Aurora


  • Fitz Gerald A. Magno
  • Mark Angelo C. Suril
  • Rochelle C. Suril
  • Janelyn B. Tumiguing
  • Joefil C. Jocson


Health, Safety, Government Projects, DPWH.


This study sought to assess evaluate the Health and Safety Programs of Government Projects of the DPWH-Aurora.The current study utilized the quantitative research design through various assessment of the projects of the DPWH-Aurora. The assessment was within two-part scenario. The first part is the scope of the Health and Safety Programs which engaged the selected projects into review how the programs were applied by health and Safety. The second part was the entirety of Health and Safety Programs within the impressions of the project engineers. This study was participated by fifty project implementers. The results revealed that the DPWH-Aurora has been outstanding in Health and Safety which included Management and Leadership, Worker Participation, Hazard Identification and Assessment, Hazard Prevention and Control, Education and Training, Program Evaluation and Improvement and Communication and Coordination for Employers. In order to improve working conditions, safety concerns are therefore only taken into account when an accident happens at a construction site, particularly in emerging provinces like Aurora. Safety and health are covered by public works in Aurora and must be appropriately implemented. Because appropriate safety management in construction is so crucial, this study proposes a safety management evaluation framework in order to establish a baseline for measuring construction safety. The most important aspect influencing construction safety is management commitment, which includes developing organizational safety policies, delegating responsibility for safety to all levels, etc. The benchmarking process and actions for raising construction safety performance in developing provinces will be made easier by the suggested management framework.


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Fitz Gerald A. Magno, Mark Angelo C. Suril, Rochelle C. Suril, Janelyn B. Tumiguing, & Joefil C. Jocson. (2022). The Evaluation of Health and Safety Programs of Government Projects: A Case Study Of DPWH-Aurora. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(12), 108–116. Retrieved from




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