Technology to Combat Cyber Attacks by Artificial Intelligence


  • Anirban Chakraborty


Cyber security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security intelligence, Cyber defence, Denial of Service (DoS), Self-Organizing Maps (SOM).


Cyber protection is obviously the discipline that will profit almost everyone from the introduction of AI. This is challenging to render a proposal to defend from strong system assaults. The usage of artificial intelligence techniques will help a lot. Where the weakness and slowness of conventional defence systems might be, artificial intelligence approaches may boost their complete implementation of the security program and provide dramatically improved protection against a growing range of cyber threats. While AI's information protection policies provide positive incentives, their usage has legitimized fears and threats. In order to promote better cyber protection initiatives, an alternate viewpoint of cyber earth connections is required where AI is reinforced with human consciousness, because neither people nor AI alone have historically proven to be effective in this specific field. Socially cautious use of AI approaches to mitigate more associated problems and risks is therefore necessary.


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