Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling - Current Scenario and Future Need in India


  • Hitankshi Jain
  • Aryan Bansal


Construction and demolition waste, recycling, infrastructure, Smart City Mission, future perspective.


In recent decades the world has seen rapid urbanization in need of work, education and a better lifestyle. This has led to the requirement of planned urbanization to meet the needs of the growing population. Urbanization includes a major part of infrastructure development and redevelopment which increases the demand for the construction industry. This paper concentrates on the importance of proper management of Construction and Demolition waste (C&DW) through the process of recycling in India. It further talks about the success of various countries following the path of C&DW recycling and moving towards sustainable development. In India, Indore city is already practicing the zero-waste model, which means complete recycling and reuse of the C&D waste generated each day. India is among the fastest developing countries and therefore it plans to work on various infrastructure and development projects. Smart City Mission is one such project which focuses on developing smart solutions through technology and infrastructure. Currently, India is recycling only 1% of the C&DW generated. This comprehensive study examines the need for C&DW recycling in the current scenario in India.


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