Seismic Analysis of a Structure with Soft Storey and Floating Column


  • Ankita R Uplenchwar
  • Shilpa Samrutwar


Soft Storey, Floating Column, Equivalent Static Analysis Method, Response Spectrum Analysis Method, ETABS.


In Urban area, multi storey buildings or commercial building are constructed by providing floating columns at ground floor as we need ample of open space or parking area in the lower floor.  On the other hand, A typical soft story building is an apartment building of three or more stories located over a ground level with large openings, such as a parking garage or series of retail businesses with large windows. The study on behavior of structure having soft story and floating column is to be analyzed. Study tends to see if such kind of structure performs well in earthquake prone zones or not. An investigation is performed on analytical model of a multistorey building recognizing the presence of a floating column and soft storey using the software ETABS. To study the effect of earthquake on this kind of buildings, Equivalent static analysis and Response spectrum analysis have been considered. The parameters like storey drift, storey shear, buliding torsion, storey moment have been studied in detail.


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