Automatic Wiper and Headlight Control for Automobiles


  • Arvind Kumar S
  • Neha R
  • Thanushri P Murthy
  • Venugopal P
  • Ankamma Rao J


Rain-Sensor, Light Dependent Resistor, Arduino Uno, Headlights.


Automated Wipers and headlights are very important in automotive to prevent accidents in unpredictable weather conditions and at night. A car wiper is a device that cleans the windshield of rain. To remove human involvement in wiper control and prevent accidents, all vehicles now have wipers as standard equipment. When the raindrops fall on the sensor, it detects its strength and automatically adjusts the wiper speed. The intensity of a vehicle's headlights creates a big risk when travelling at night. Other road users arriving from behind are put at risk by these powerful headlights, which improve the driver's night vision. The oncoming motorist is bothered by the strong light of the vehicles, which generates glare. At night to get rid of the invisibility due to glaring, the driver has to do adjustments with the headlight. We have discovered a solution to solve the above problems using Arduino-UNO. The proposed solution actuates quickly to rain drops and headlights without any delay.


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Arvind Kumar S, Neha R, Thanushri P Murthy, Venugopal P, & Ankamma Rao J. (2022). Automatic Wiper and Headlight Control for Automobiles. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(6), 8–15. Retrieved from