Parking Management System


  • Vitul Panwar
  • Utkarsh Agarwal
  • Tushar Garg
  • Sanjay K Sonker


Management system app, Parking Management, Vehicle security, Less traffic.


In the present era of technology where modernization is increasing day by day with advancement of technology current parking system is not so reliable. With the advancement in technology, we have developed a modern way of parking management system. In current time most of the people are facing problem of parking where ever they go in public places such as Shopping malls, cinema halls, hospitals, workplace, local market areas we face critical problem of parking of cars, bikes, etc. Secondly to search for available slot in nearby parking, one has to go and search all parking space located in that area, that waste most of the time of people and make them to feel frustrated and many a times still after wasting hours didn’t get any parking space. Sometimes during festivals times and on other important days there are too rush in public places so at that time peoples face parking problem as well as their vehicle security problem at random parking or even at local parking areas. Surveys tells that 30 percent of total traffic is developed by people who are in search of vacant parking space and slots. That’s a big problem now days and our parking management system app provides solution of all the above mentioned problem. It takes the current location of the user and shows the nearest available parking spaces within 100 metre of circumference to the user and all other parking details related to it. This Parking system app is developed in this way that people can check all details by their phone before reaching parking slots and can also book their slot virtually by phone. This app will make people to save their precious time inspire people to book their slot virtually and makes public places more people friendly. That’s make the public places having less traffic and more security to the user as the user can see the parking slot owner information in the app and also all the data of the user is also save in record in case of any issue occurred related to vehicles. User can also check the price of the parking slot so that he/she can plan accordingly whether they want to go for booking or else they have to look for other parking slots.


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