Student Portal: An Online Platform for Students


  • Vamshi Krishna N
  • Sakthivel N


Portal, website, web application.


The Student Portal is a web-based online project. This website is mainly provided for the students to view their examination marks in each subject. The student portal consists of the type of exams like unit test-I, unit test-II, unit test-III, model exam-I, and model exam-II. The main purpose of the student portal is to provide a greater count of the students and allow the faculty members to add the marks of each and every student. The admin can add principal, add hod, add student, and add department. A student can add/modify self-details, can check time table, and view exam marks. Whereas a Hod can add timetable, add permission to the teachers and give permission for subjects, view grades of students. The teacher can add grades, view timetables, add internals, view grades, and view timetables. The principal can view everything in the student portal.


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