Reworks in Infrastructure Projects in Aurora: Its Causes and Prevention


  • Edward F. Olivera
  • Joefil C. Jocson


Reworks, Prevention, Infrastructure.


An independent consultant or a contractor should analyze the project documents and conduct a constructability evaluation, according to the case. This type of assessment is looking over paperwork to see if there is enough information to allow the contractor to build the project without any questions or changes before bidding. If the requirement for project change can be eliminated prior to bidding, a significant amount of rework can be avoided. Again, the team doing the review should not have been engaged in the project's planning or design. Involvement of all project stakeholders is crucial. If the capital improvement project may affect an operational facility, it is advised that key operations people be allocated full-time to the planning and design phase. By ensuring that operational demands are sufficiently addressed throughout the planning and design phases and not introduced via revisions during construction, such an assignment could assist avoid some rework. Furthermore, essential operational employees should be allocated to the owner's project management team to deal with changes and anticipated changes, ensuring that changes do not negatively influence operational needs and avoiding some rework to address operations difficulties caused by changes during construction. If the same problems that led to revisions on prior projects are discovered in a new project design, they can be addressed before construction begins. This will help to minimize the need for rework as a result of construction adjustments.


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