Employee's Adaptation to Rules and Responsibilities: The Effect of Organizational Culture


  • Sherwin Ian D. Pabustan
  • Shaila Mae B. Olida
  • Mark Anthony M. Muldong
  • Michael John M. Villar
  • Salvador A. Loria Jr.


Organizational Culture, Employees, Behaviour.


The researchers conducted a study to determine the impact of organizational culture on employees' various roles and behaviours. This study will provide information regarding the beneficial effects that is linked to the role emergence and role enactment that led to the betterment of the Organization. This study will help improve the development of the Organization and advancement of management approach and administration. Although the three groups, organizational culture, role emergence, and role enactment, have no significant differences in shared values, their impact on employees says otherwise. According to the data analysis, organizational culture has an impact or has a significant impact on employees in terms of their roles and behaviours. These analyses demonstrate both practical and theoretical implications in the context of an organization.


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Sherwin Ian D. Pabustan, Shaila Mae B. Olida, Mark Anthony M. Muldong, Michael John M. Villar, & Salvador A. Loria Jr. (2021). Employee’s Adaptation to Rules and Responsibilities: The Effect of Organizational Culture. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 2(10), 50–54. Retrieved from https://journals.grdpublications.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/452




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