Evaluation of Health and Safety Compliance of Construction Projects in South East Nigeria


  • Chidinma Amarachukwu Emma-Ochu
  • Kevin C. Okolie
  • Christian Ifeanyi Ohaedeghasi
  • Ikem Mbamali


Construction Projects, Health and Safety, Compliance, Construction.


This research is focused on the evaluation of the level of construction projects compliance to health and safety regulations in South East Nigeria, with a view to identifying action plans for enhancing the compliance in South East Nigeria. This study, which is essentially survey based and empirical, quantitative data and qualitative data, was derived from responses generated by the questionnaire survey and fieldwork. The questionnaires were administered to indigenous construction firms and professionals in the construction industry in Abia, Anambra, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi States of the South East area of Nigeria, which are the study population. The tools used for data analysis were Regression using Friedman Q Test Ranking, cross tab, while descriptive statistics used for analyzing others include bar charts, pie charts, tables, chi square, and ranking analysis. All hypotheses were tested at 5% level of significance. The findings revealed that there is association in level of compliance in construction projects to existing Health and Safety regulations in South East Nigeria. The study further reveals that the challenges affecting health and safety compliance in South East Nigeria are bribery and corruption, ignorance of the benefits of compliance, lack of health and safety culture, perception of stakeholders, neglect of human rights and moral values, non-commitment of the major construction players, inadequate training of staff and lack of skilled health and safety personnel, non-inclusion of health and safety in contract document and tendering process and inadequate funding. The research also found out that there is significant relationship between health/safety regulations and enforcement of health and safety measures in South East Nigeria and that there is significant positive relationship between health/safety regulations and Action plan for enhancing health safety measures in South East Nigeria. It therefore concludes that effective health and safety practices and planning for construction projects in South East Nigeria are yet to be fully appreciated and implemented among construction firms. This study observes that the lack of awareness and understanding of Health and Safety significantly hinders Health and Safety. The study recommended that to ensure high level of compliance in all the states, allocating Health and Safety responsibilities, which are bound by local laws, will significantly contribute to improving Health and Safety and there should be workable and mandatory Health and Safety consultants for every project. Also the stakeholders in the construction industry (e.g. clients and professionals) should team up to provide enforceable Health and Safety practices and plans that are in sync with health/safety regulations in the Nigerian construction industry and the world at large.


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Chidinma Amarachukwu Emma-Ochu, Kevin C. Okolie, Christian Ifeanyi Ohaedeghasi, & Ikem Mbamali. (2021). Evaluation of Health and Safety Compliance of Construction Projects in South East Nigeria. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 2(9), 148–155. Retrieved from https://journals.grdpublications.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/440