Planning Of Hospital Building and Reducing Accidents in Hospital


  • Sagar Sonawane
  • Mrunmai Panchwadkar
  • Yukta Tanksale
  • Tejas Hiwale
  • Akash Tarukhkar


Hospital, Accidents, Planning, Building.


We studied from several hospitals indicates challenges according to usability of hospital buildings, with the rapid and continuous changes in the hospital organization and use of technology. The quality of hospital buildings depends on the buildings ability to absorb organizational, operational and technical changes. Usability defined as the “….effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which a specified set of users can achieve a specified set of tasks in a particular environment.: Effectiveness – whether users can achieve what they want to do with the product Efficiency – how long it takes them to achieve it Satisfaction – their feelings and attitude towards the product Hospital buildings are characterized by major complexity, and hospital operation are affected by rapid changes and trends. Planning and design of hospital buildings reflect a view of society, humanity and patients at all levels, from the location, overall concept and urban plan, down to the architecture and design in the immediate surroundings of the patients and staff.


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Sagar Sonawane, Mrunmai Panchwadkar, Yukta Tanksale, Tejas Hiwale, & Akash Tarukhkar. (2021). Planning Of Hospital Building and Reducing Accidents in Hospital. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering , 2(5), 98-104. Retrieved from