Experimental Analysis Partially Replacement of Cement, Sand by GGBFS and Foundry Sand


  • Karan Singh Norake
  • Lavina Talawale


Cement, Sand, GGBFS.


Use of recycled waste foundry sand in concrete can be useful for environmental protection and economical terms. Recycle of foundry sand as replacement of fine aggregate are the Materials for the future. Foundry sand is a group of materials that can vary significantly in composition. The advantages of using foundry sand for mechanical properties. The most important benefit is reduced natural fine aggregate. This increases strength and reduces permeability. Globally, the concrete industry consumes large quantities of natural resources, which are becoming insufficient to meet the increasing demands. At the same time, large number of using natural sand and other structures have reached the end of their service life and are being demolished, resulting in generation of demolished concrete or sand. In other side Ground, granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), a by-product of the steel manufacturing industry, being used as an effective partial cement replacement material, has already been proven to improve several performance characteristics of concrete. The reactivity of GGBFS has been found to depend on the properties of slag, which vary with the source of slag, type of raw material used, method and the rate of cooling. The present work aims at bringing out a novel relationship between the Hydraulic Index (HI) of slag at 7 and 28 days (HI7 and HI28) and the influencing properties of slag, namely, glass content, fineness and chemical composition by employing multiple regression analysis on 37 slag samples from various sources. HI7 and HI28, thus obtained, have been mapped onto a Slag Activity Index (SAI) plot, giving an indication of the ranges of strength. Over all we get good result and showing in result discussion.


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