Humanoid Robotic Arm for Physically Disabled People.


  • Anand Bawane
  • Sahil Chiwhane
  • Vedant Boratkar
  • Nilesh Hajare
  • Priya Motghare


Hand detection, gesture control, leap motion, Humanoid Robotic arm.


A Basic Robot plays quite important role in making our lives more efficient and productive. Here we propose to build a robotic arm controlled by human arm movement gestures whose input is acquired through the use of Leap motion sensors. The basic development of this arm is based on Arduino UNO platform in addition with leap motion controller for input processing, which will all be interfaced with each other using wireless module. The Arduino UNO kit is programmed to restrain the servo motors and Arduino's input is passed to the motion sensors. For proper control mechanism and flexibility of the arm, six different servo motors are used. Finally, this prototype of the arm may be supposed to overwhelm the problem such as place or pick difficult objects or non-hazardous objects that are at a long distance from the user and performing daily household activities with accuracy.


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Anand Bawane, Sahil Chiwhane, Vedant Boratkar, Nilesh Hajare, & Priya Motghare. (2020). Humanoid Robotic Arm for Physically Disabled People. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering , 1(8), 55-58. Retrieved from