Automation in supply chain management using Internet of Things


  • Sai Nalanda P
  • Nirmal Chand Ch


IoT, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Supply Chain Management (SCM), HTTP, MQTT, RFID, IEEE 802.11WLAN, GPS, SIM808.


The Automated Supply Chain Management (SCM) framework involves real-time GPS location monitoring of transport fleets and RFID-based shipment tracking at the warehouse point of entry and exit. A device design and implementation of the same was proposed in this paper using the GPS location tracking system based on Arduino and SIM808 for restricted power application. For a shipment monitoring device based on MQTT at the depot, the Raspberry Pi and RC522 RFID Reader are used. A robust integrated supply chain management system is created by the combination of both components, and can be used by logistics firms to track and control their logistics using a web-based Interface. The Internet of Things (IoT) platform is used for the exchange of data from sensors to HTTP POST and PHP server systems and in later situations, Cloud MQTT.


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