Partly Replacement of Cement, Sand by Sugarcane Ash and Bricks Bats On Normal Concrete


  • Rahul kumar Silote
  • Priyanka Dubey


Using waste material in M30 concrete in 7, 28 days, in the case of partially replacement of cement and coarse aggregate by SCBA, OBBB on different percentage 10% ,20%,30% and 40%.


The strength of concrete is determined by using Flexural test and strength test of M30 concrete. Compressive strength, Flexural strength, test of concrete mixes made with using waste over burn bricks bats material and sugar cane ash, determined strength at 7 & 28 days. The compressive and flexural strength have determined of percentage partially replacement in added M40 concrete. Results shows that the increase 20% and 25%compressive strength of the cement is high as compare to M30 cement concrete. The compressive &flexural strength also determines for M30 with mix SCBA and OBBB.

Compressive strength, and flexural strength test were performed and results were analysed to associate with above waste combinations. Based on experimental studies, the paper identifies waste combinations that demonstrate maximum compressive, split tensile and flexural strength of concrete. Relationship between compressive strength and split tensile strength, compressive strength and flexural strength is presented.

In the present work we added SCBA as replacement cement 10%,20%,30% and 40% its goes to higher value in 20% to 25% in partially replacement same as also increasing the partially replacement of OBBB as coarse aggregate The results clear indicate the strength of the material is decrease with increase percentage in concrete. 25 % give good result of concrete. Figure shows that the M30 material beams tested in flexural test for the 7 & 28 days’ material. The results clear indicate the strength of the 28 days’ material is higher as compare to 7 days’ material.  The flexural strength results clear indicate the strength of the beam also 25% gives good result is higher than the 10% & 25% mix of all waste material. To require more good quality of materials required good workmanship.


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