ARM Based Gas Monitoring System


  • Harshitha Y J
  • Mansi D S
  • Priyanka P
  • Ruchitha P
  • Pavithra G S


ARM Microcontroller, GSM Module, LPG gas Sensor.


This paper deals with the gas leakage detection and control system using arm microcontroller, and also to present a new system automatically books the cylinder when the gas is about to empty by sending a notification to the gas agency using a GSM module. Nowadays gas leakage has become a major problem in the industrial sector and in residential sector, so it is necessary to have good safety system in such place. So this system detects, monitor and control the leakage of LPG gas using gas sensor and alerts the person by using buzzer and by sending messages, to take the necessary action it automatically switches on the exhaust fan and sprinkler to decrease the gas concentration in air. GSM module is used to provide the information to the gas agency to book the cylinder automatically when the weight of the gas cylinder goes below 2 kg.


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