Stair Climbing GPS Enabled Autonomous Wheelchair with Health Monitoring System.


  • Ganesh Reddy G
  • Vinod Kumar M
  • Sathish Kumar A
  • Manish Kumar B
  • Vadivu P
  • Malathi P
  • Preamalatha G


Wheelchair, microcontroller, heart beat sensor, temperature sensor, stair climbing, collision avoidance, mobile application.


In recent years the health monitoring systems for wheelchair users have drawn considerable attention of the researchers. The key goal was to develop a wheelchair with a reliable patient monitoring system so that health care professionals can monitor their patients, who are either hospitalized or performing their normal daily activities. In this concern we present a mobile device based GPS enabled stair climbing wheelchair with wireless health monitoring system with collision avoidance than can provide real time physiological conditions of a patient through online sources. Our proposed system is designed to climb (up and down) the stairs, autonomous movement of wheelchair to reach destination according to GPS coordinates, to share live location using pedometer sensor, to measure and monitor important physiological data of a patient in order to accurately describe the status of his/her health and fitness. In addition, the proposed system is able to send patient critical health status via SMS and MAIL, so that the healthcare professional can provide necessary medical advising. This system mainly consists of sensors, microcontroller, wheelchair, mobile application. The patient’s body temperature, heart beat rate, blood pressure, haemoglobin level in blood and ECG data are monitored and displayed using mobile application.


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Ganesh Reddy G, Vinod Kumar M, Sathish Kumar A, Manish Kumar B, Vadivu P, Malathi P, & Preamalatha G. (2020). Stair Climbing GPS Enabled Autonomous Wheelchair with Health Monitoring System. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering , 1(6), 29-33. Retrieved from